2012 End of the Year Style Awards: Best Dressed of the Year

Creating this years Best Dressed of the Year list was no easy task. The celebrities to take to the red carpet brought the glam, edge, and elegance to everything that they had. With over 35 pages of nominees bestowed from week to week on the blogs Facebook page I had over 1300 looks to choose from. I cut that down to a mere ten which took weeks to be able to do. I present to you without further or do the 2012 Best Dressed of the Year list!




From now until the first of January I will be taking a break from the blog to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. I want to thank each and every single reader that includes those who are religious loyal followers and those that just pass by. I can not believe how many people that I have reached since starting this blog a year and a half ago! I hope all my readers will continue to follow me into awards season in 2013, there are going to be some amazing posts coming out of that. I have some plans in the works for some new features that I think all my readers will enjoy, but for now I am signing off until the New Year! See you all then!
-XOXO- FutureStylist

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