2018 End of the Year Style Awards: Red Carpet Diva of the Year

Every year I award the Red Carpet Diva of the Year title. It goes to the star who featured in my best dressed file the most. I honestly thought it was going to be Cate Blanchett with two movie tours, a run as the madame le president of the Cannes Film Festival jury, and her Armani ambassadorship she rocked so many red carpets this year. She ended the year with 27 looks in total in my best dressed file. I was sure no one else had gotten even close. Then I found Margot Robbie, who beat her out by one. It shouldn’t surprise me she had a major awards season run while also promoting her film I, Tonya.The looks from both awards season and the I, Tonya tour were varried levels of glamour. From sexy in Atelier Versace, to sugary sweet in Rodarte, to sleek geometric elegance in Louis Vuitton it seemed like pretty much everything that Margot wore turned to glamour this year. She even was announced as a face of Chanel on the day of the Oscars this year and looked ever so chic wearing a white gown inspired by the brands Fall 2015 Couture collection. Usually when ambassadorships are announced I feel like stars loose their unique sense of style, but not in this case (at least not yet, and hopefully never.) I don’t want to see Margot fall into a trap of only wearing Chanel on the red carpet. I’ve always loved the variety of looks she brings to the red carpet. From the gowns for awards shows and movie premieres to more casual looks (including denim) for press days and talk show appearances it should come as absolutely no shock that this Australian beauty takes home this award this year. What is your favorite look from Margot this year?

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