“The Lion King” London Premiere Red Carpet Wish List

Just yesterday the cast members of the live action remake of The Lion King started posting photos of themselves looking at their animal characters and it is making me really excited. As I mentioned the other day in my wishes for the LA premiere of The Lion King I am honestly really looking forward to seeing what the cast of this film will bring to the red carpet over the course of the promo tour. Now we know there will be two major premieres: one in Los Angeles on Tuesday and then another in London on the following Saturday. Now a Saturday premiere is a little odd and I am wondering if the date I have seen reported is wrong. I want to get wishes out in the open not just in case those dates are wrong. Kicking off this set of wishes is Simba aka Donald Glover. He is almost always one of the best dressed men on a red carpet and I am hoping for at least one, if not multiple, Best Dressed Men of the Year worthy moment on the red carpet over the course of this promo tour. I may have broken my Dolce ban for one look for Donald to wear for the LA premiere of The Lion King, but for the films premiere in London I am back on a black out of the tainted Italian brand. Instead I have gone to one of my current favorite menswear labels: Dior Man. Since Kim Jones took over the reigns at Dior Man just about a year ago he has pumped out amazing collection after amazing collection. While he has already presented his Spring 2020 Menswear collection I decided that for Donald on the red carpet at the London premiere of The Lion King I decided to go back to the opening look of the Dior Man Fall 2019 Menswear collection. The simple black double breasted suit isn’t anything to write home about, but when paired with the brown sequined vest that the look was paired with on the runway is what really makes this look come to life and I think it’s perfect for Donald to deliver on this red carpet. I am still a little fearful that Beyonce will skip the red carpets at the major premieres of The Lion King. I hope that she will, but given the fact that it has been almost two years since she has actually walked a runway I find myself grasping at shoestrings of hope that she will. If she does I imagine that it will just be the two big premieres. For the LA premiere I went dramatic and tribal, but for London my “African” inspiration is a little looser. I decided to take inspiration from how The Lion King opens with a sunrise over the Serengeti. So I called up Evita, who edits all the custom gowns for me, and said the vibe I want for Beyonce to bring to life on the red carpet was Gucci by Dapper Dan meets African sunrise and this is what she sent me back. The custom column gown in ombre interlocking GG print glitter taffeta with a matching opera cape trimmed in gold crystals is gorgeous. Now it isn’t as bold or dramatic as the Balmain we created for LA, but I think this gown is special in its own way. I know that the regality that Beyonce can exude on the red carpet would allow for this look to have the same presence despite not having a long train. A sleek high bun updo, smokey eyes, cinnamon lips, a pair of gold Christian Louboutin ‘Norina’ strappy half d’Orsay metallic leather sandals, and a selection of vintage Bulgari turquoise jewels including a pair of statement earrings, a collar necklace, and a matching cocktail ring would all add the perfect finishing touches to an absolutely major regal moment for Queen Bey to deliver on this red carpet.

The London premiere of The Lion King is expected to take place on on Sunday July 14, 2019.

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