2020 BAFTA Awards Red Carpet Wish List

Sunday night in London the biggest names in Hollywood will descend upon the Royal Albert Hall for the 2020 BAFTA Awards. I have to say that after getting a list of the presenters I am super excited for this years red carpet. “Sustainability is very important to BAFTA, and we’re doing more than ever before,” a BAFTA spokesperson told Harper’s Bazaar. “The goal is that the EE British Academy Film Awards 2020 will be carbon neutral, working towards having a net positive impact on the environment. From travel and food, to branding and materials, BAFTA is ensuring the awards are as sustainable as possible.” That idea has pushed to the red carpet as well. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge were asked to “dress sustainably” and quickly it went to everyone. So I decided to have fun with these wishes and do things a little differently than normal. Every look from this list is a wish for someone to re-wear something they have in the past, wear a vintage (or nouveau vintage), off the rack, archive runway, or from labels who are lauded as having sustainability as part of their core mission. Honestly I think this might be my favorite set of wishes. I raided the online vintage shop Shrimpton Couture (who has loaned out some of the best vintage for stars including Tracee Ellis Ross, Naomi Campbell, Emily Deschanel, Kate Hudson, Busy Phillips, & more) because owner and curator Cherie Balch has some of the most amazing gowns. I also found “second hand” gowns from The Real Real and 1stDibs. When it came to the re-wear’s I’ve picked it was super easy choices there as each of the looks I want to see worn again are some of the looks that I immediately think of when I think of those ladies. Overall I am really intrigued to see what will happen on this red carpet.

The 2020 BAFTA Awards will take place on Sunday February 2, 2020.


“Birds of Prey” London Premiere Red Carpet Wish List

To be completely honest Birds of Prey looks like an absolutely terrible movie. We all knew that after Suicide Squad that Harley Quinn a.k.a. Margot Robbie was going to get her own movie. She was a highlight of that absolutely terrible movie and I had high hopes for a film centered around Harley, but the previews don’t have me all that excited for the movie. The promo tour thus far hasn’t gotten me excited for the movie either. In fact I honestly didn’t have this sequel on my radar for a while either. Well tomorrow in London the film will have its big gala premiere. It is the last chance for Margot and co. to really wow me on the red carpet while promoting this film. Margot Robbie hasn’t wowed me in a really long time. In fact she has only made two appearances this awards season so far and neither was all that impressive. I said to a friend of mine who runs a Margot Robbie style centered Instagram account on the day of the Chanel Spring 2020 Couture presentation that “I don’t want any of that Chanel Couture collection worn” and I specifically meant by Margot Robbie. So despite the fact that Margot is a face of Chanel I decided to step outside the French legacy house picking this silver holographic laser cut Julie De Libran Spring 2020 Couture slip style gown would make for a really interesting choice for Margot to wear on this red carpet. It is a simple style, but the construction is what really makes this look a wow. Effortless with just the right amount of effort. Sometimes the simplistic looks are the hardest to sell because everything from head to toe has to be perfectly in place. I think that for this look that Margot should style the look with a sleek side parted updo, defined eyes, bold matte red lips, a silver Judith Leiber Couture ‘Soho Argent’ metallic leather clutch embossed to mirror lizard skin with a crystal claspsilver metallic leather Gianvito Rossi ‘Shiva’ platform ankle strap sandals, and a pair of white diamond Chanel High Jewelry signature dangling chandelier earrings to really make sure that there is not a single thing out of place and really wow us on this red carpet. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is one of the more underrated stars when it comes to her red carpet looks. While she hasn’t delivered major wow moments during the Birds of Prey promo tour but definitely hitting high glamour with looks from Valentino and Etro. For the London premiere of this film I would LOVE to see Mary really deliver a major high fashion moment wearing this raspberry pink Halpern Spring 2020 RTW one shoulder column gown which features a major billowing sleeve. As I was on the hunt for the perfect gown for Mary to wear on this red carpet I saw this Halpern gown and I was immediately sold on the idea of her wearing this gown on the red carpet. It brings the perfect amount of drama and glamour that I believe that Mary could sell with effortless ease especially if styled with a romantic updo, soft glittery smokey eyes, punchy pink lips, a pair of neon pink and red Sophia Webster ‘Rosalind’ three strap sandals, and chic David Morris rose cut white diamond curved hoop earrings.

The London premiere of Birds of Prey is expected to take place on Wednesday January 29, 2020.

2020 Costume Designers Guild Awards Red Carpet Wish List

Historically the Costume Designers Guild kick off Oscar Week with their annual awards gala. This is one of the final guild awards handed out before the Oscars and given its usual perch it is usually very star studded. I wonder if this years red carpet will be harmed in terms of glamour versus previous years being moved earlier due to the accelerated pace of this awards season. As of now there are only two celebrities I know who will be in attendance: hostess Mindy Kaling and Spotlight Award recipient Charlize Theron. or Mindy I really wanted to embrace fun and color for this event so I went to three stellar looks which I could just see making for absolutely glamorous, yet super fun, moments for her to bring alive while hosting this years Costume Designers Guild Awards. Aside from those two lovely ladies all the rest of the stars featured in this set of wishes are ones whom I would like to see step onto this red carpet to support the costume designers who dressed them in their respective films and television programs which have been nominated. I went from simple and chic to fun and theatrical with these wishes because when it comes to a Costume Designers Guild Awards red carpet really just about anything goes.

The 2020 Costume Designers Guild Awards will take place tomorrow Tuesday January 28, 2020.

2020 Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon Red Carpet Wish List

The Grammy Awards might be the awards event of choice tonight, but we are moving on with wishes to the next event which is the 2020 Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon. This event is for the nominees to schmooze their way to a win the coveted little gold man in just two weeks! Tomorrow in LA all the nominees will gather and I am really excited to see what everyone will do. This is the best res carpet for casual style as nominees do tend to grab couture right off the Parisian runways. Each of these looks would deliver some seriously major fashON moments really kicking off the final push to the Oscars. I will definitely have eyes on each of the ladies below to see if they drop any hints as to who or what they will be wearing on Hollywood’s biggest night. Sometimes hints are dropped with the looks stars wear on the red carpet at the nominees luncheon red carpet. So bring on the last leg of the race to the Oscars.

The 2020 Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon will take place on Monday January 27, 2020.

63 Looks From Spring 2020 Couture I Want To See On The Red Carpet

I started off Paris Haute Couture Spring 2020 Fashion Week with the intention of having a post the next morning of the favorite looks I had seen the day before with who I most want to see wearing those looks. Well life got in the way. Tuesday night I saw Celine Dion and slept as long as I could before heading to work the next day. Wednesday I had to take my mother to a doctors appointment first thing in the morning and lost my little bit of weekday morning blog time. So by then I just decided well day one is already up, but I will just do a round up including all the shows with 1-4 looks from each show being featured in one big round up list. So that is what I did. As I was putting this list together I realized that this is basically a precursor to my 2020 Cannes Film Festival wishes with major looks for L’Orealistas like Sonam Kapoor, Eva Longoria, Araya A. Hargate, Aishwarya Rai, Helen Mirren, and more to bring to life on the red carpet. It can also be a prediction for you all as it comes to what my Oscar party wishes may look like. Overall this season was very good. Aside from my now perennial favorites Givenchy and Valentino there wasn’t really much of a stand out as far as an entire collection, save maybe Armani Prive, but there were a ton of really amazing moments that are just waiting to be seen on a red carpet. I hope you are ready to see more of these looks, see some of these wishes below detailed out, and more on the race to the Oscars, Met Gala, and the Cannes Film Festival. I honestly do not know which wish here is my favorite; what’s yours?

2020 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Wish List Part 4

The 2020 Grammy’s are tomorrow night and I don’t know what exactly happened from Monday to now, but I have lost my excitement for this red carpet. With every press release of new performances, Grammy moment announcements, and the release of the list of presenters I just got less and less enthused. While I went into this week hoping that the Grammy’s were going to be a bright spot in a rather bland awards season thus far I am growing ever more weary that will be the case. I always loved the Grammy’s for the fact that nominated stars showed up no matter what. Some of the other music awards shows almost seem disingenuous with handing out awards. One nominated star will be in the audience per category and you know they are the one that will be taking home the award. That wasn’t the case with the Grammy’s. That all seemed to change this week as ousted Grammy CEO Deborah Dugan went public with tales of sexism, vote rigging, and more. So I can see why some of the biggest names in music are stepping back from this years show. Now all of the stars in this set of wishes are confirmed to be presenters, performers, and nominees at tomorrows show. If I had to guess I would say that the likeliness of seeing Lady Gaga or Michelle Obama is rather slim as they are just nominated and are not expected to present or perform and as a plus one and a major player in the #TimesUp movement I don’t know if we will see Nicole Kidman on the arm of hubby Keith Urban who is presenting. Later today I am going to post 63 of my favorite looks form the recently presented Spring 2020 Couture collections, and I guess you could count this list as an extention of that as seven of the looks in this list are hot off the runway. I do feel like these are some of my favorite wishes so far this awards season. I think it is because that at the Grammy’s anything goes and you can really have fun with looks and that is definitely what I did here. Oh and just a little tidbit of information for you I was looking through the Atelier Versace Spring 2020 Couture lookbook this week and Donatella named each of the looks presented and when I saw that the gown I picked for Ariana Grande to wear on this red carpet was named Ariana I knew I had to put this wish into the universe because I definitely believe it is right up her glam.

The 2020 Grammy Awards will take place tomorrow night Sunday January 26, 2020.


Favorite Looks From Paris Haute Couture Spring 2020 Day 1

The couture shows kicked off in Paris yesterday and I was awake at 4am Eastern Standard Time to watch the first show of the week: Schiaparelli. I was enamored with the show and honestly not as impressed with the looks from the rest of the day. There are definitely stand out looks from each of the shows, but overall not a single collection delivered amazing moments from beginning to end. I am hoping that we will see that change as the final two days go by, but I have learned to manage my expectations as I went into this week expecting the best collections ever presented.

2020 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Wish List Part 3

The Grammy Awards are this weekend and I am just hoping that they deliver some super fashion moments as this awards season has been super lackluster in my opinion. I don’t know if it is just the fact I have been doing this for so long or the fact that I know there are so many better options out there or some combination of the both, but the ladies (and gentlemen of Hollywood) haven’t been able to snag my love and enamor towards anything they have worn for the most part. I am hoping the stars of music bring the drama to the red carpet and honestly a lot of the people on today’s set of wishes I know can do it. I NEED someone to wear the Balenciaga I’ve picked for Cardi for the Grammy’s. Seriously what other red carpet would that work for?

The 2020 Grammy Awards will take place on Sunday January 26, 2020.


2020 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Wish List Part 2

With the Grammy’s coming this weekend on the heels of the post outlining the looks I would love to see Alicia Keys bring to life on the red carpet and stage I had to follow it up with a second wish today for some of the many stars we are expecting to see on this red carpet. I believe that this red carpet will deliver the most dramatic looks we have seen yet and a wide variety of styles overall. Each of the looks below definitely fits each persons style and elevates it to a level I totally believe would make for a major Grammy’s red carpet moment. From nominees to performers I am all about these looks.

The 2020 Grammy Awards will take place on Sunday January 26, 2020.

2020 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Wish List Part 1

When I went to bed last night I had no wish for Alicia Keys to wear on the red carpet at the 2020 Grammy’s. She is hosting and I had plenty of options for her in show wardrobe changes, but the actual look for the red carpet was just evading me. So what did I do? I found out the for the first time ever Schiaparelli Couture was actually streaming the couture show live on their website. It was 4am Eastern Standard Time. So I set an alarm, went to bed the minute the Screen Actors Guild Awards were over, woke up for the show, saw a couple of really good options, went back to bed with peace of mind, and then woke up at my normal time to start getting ready for work and quickly grabbed a runway image and threw it into this post. I won’t lie after last years hosting fashions I didn’t, and still kinda don’t, have the most faith that Alicia will deliver major moments this weekend. BUT in the latter half of last year she did deliver a lot of super chic fashion moments so I hope her mojo is really burning. Some of the looks I’ve picked for Alicia are not your typical awards show looks, but I think that they work for the purpose of hosting the Grammy’s as on stage wardrobe changes. We will see if Mrs. Keys brings the fashion factor to this stage or if my sleep deprivation was all in vain when she steps out to host the 2020 Grammy Awards this Sunday night. In the mean time definitely check out the five looks I would love to see her bring to life on the red carpet and stage. The idea behind these looks is simple: COLOR!

The 2020 Grammy Awards will take place on Sunday January 26, 2020.