“13 Reasons Why” Season 4 Premiere Red Carpet Wish List – The Men

Yesterday I talked about the women of 13 Reasons Why and I couldn’t let it all go without talking about some of the men in the cast of the show. The guys in 13 Reasons Why have been delivering just as, and in some cases more, major looks than the ladies in the cast. I would have loved to see the 3 guys below on the red carpet at the shows final season premiere had it not fallen victim to COVID-19. So let’s get right into the major menswear moments I’ve got for y’all today. Brandon Flynn. Honestly the man doesn’t need any more introduction than that. He is hot and has swag. I wanted to see Brandon take the red carpet at the premiere of the final season of 13 Reasons Why giving us an extra take on classic menswear wearing this grey prince of wales plaid Versace Pre-Fall 2020 suit embroidered with red roses all over. I’ve been obsessed with this suit since I first saw the lookbook published on Vogue Runway. As I’ve been making menswear wishes for the last little while I have been waiting for the perfect person and the right event to bring it to the site. I was looking for a suit for Brandon and the moment I saw this look in my images I knew I had found it. Now for styling I would do it a little differently instead pairing the look with a crisp white button down, a deep red skinny tie, and a pair of black Versace ‘Hyperion’ gold detail leather lace-ups to really make this look perfect for Brandon. Dylan Minnette has been the central character, Clay Jensen, in 13 Reasons Why and honestly I don’t know why I decided to include him. He isn’t one who really try’s to make an effort in his red carpet looks. His last MTV Movie & TV Awards was a Jurassic Park t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and yellow vans. I guess this was a hope that he would have gotten dressed up for the premiere of the final season of the show wearing this olive green Todd Snyder Spring 2020 Menswear suite with a navy and white stripped button down. The look is classic without being boring and I think that would have been just the right vibe for Dylan to bring to life for this red carpet. The only thing I would change from the lookbook is the tan slides in favor of a pair of milkshake Todd Snyder ‘Alden’ longwing bulcher lace-ups.Tommy Dorfman is probably the one member of the cast of 13 Reasons Why who is the biggest style star. The actor doesn’t conform to norms on the red carpet. We have seen him rock red carpets in short suits, platform boots, mini skirts, and so much more. So when it came time for me to pick a look I wanted to see him bring to life on this red carpet I went for something statement making with this Bottega Veneta Fall 2020 RTW ensemble which features a chocolate brown knit dancing man sheer button down, high cummerbund waist, and slim fit high waisted pants. It isn’t a look for the faint of heart and Tommy is far from fainthearted. So I would have loved to see Tommy take this look and rock it with the black square toe boots it was styled with on the runway and a black leather Bottega Veneta ‘The Pouch’ oversized clutch. It would definitely have become one of the top looks Tommy has ever worn on a red carpet.

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